NFL Chart


The NFL has been gaining momentum among Hispanic fans. For the past two years, over 10 million Hispanics tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, and this number is expected to grow in 2013 with NFL games averaging over 1 million Hispanic viewers.

As the Super Bowl gets closer, we decided to ask YaSabeondos which of the final teams they expect to be crowned Super Bowl champions. In a recent survey conducted on the YaSabe website, 39% of users chose the San Francisco 49ers as the team they expect to win the 2013 Super Bowl; closely following were The New England Patriots with 34% of YaSabe user vote. The Ravens and Falcons fell in last place with 16% and 11% of users predicting them as winners.

As interest in the NFL grows among Hispanics, popular brands have also begun to develop strategies to reach Latino consumers during NFL games. This year Taco Bell is rumored to have an ad during the Super Bowl with a Spanish version of the popular song “We Are Young”; and Tecate, a popular beer brand among Hispanics, just launched a marketing campaign targeting Hispanic football fans.

Join the conversation and let us know if you are planning to watch the Super Bowl and if so, who do you expect to win?