New-Years-Poll-Chart-Update-294x300The celebration of the New Year is a highly anticipated festivity in almost every country. Each Hispanic culture has slight differences on how they celebrate this night, but it is commonly viewed as a special day to gather around with family and close friends, eat good food and dance. This year YaSabe asked users to share the way YaSabeondos prefer to spend the last night of the year, or Noche Vieja. The Importance of Family and Traditions: For Hispanics, Nochevieja is typically a time to spend with family; YaSabeondos are no different with 75% of users saying they celebrated New Years at home, 17% spent it at a friend’s home and only 7% said they were celebrating New years out on the town.

  • It is also tradition to wear new clothes, and bright colors such as red or yellow on New Years’ eve because this is believed to bring on good fortune.
  • Write New Years wishes on a piece of paper and tie it to the air or burn it.
  • Eat 12 grapes at midnight with every strike of the bell.

After family, food is the main star of the night, with Hispanics preparing a wide range of traditional plates that can include from roast pork, turkey, salads, rice and beans. Generally more food than necessary is done, counting on friends or other family members to arrive later in the night. As for drinks it is traditional to have champagne, sangria, eggnog, and wine. The night is spent eating and dancing; usually well into the next morning.