Based on search logs from, which contains information about hundreds of thousands of queries from Hispanics searching from their mobile devices, many mobile queries are similar to searches made on the web such as employment, restaurants, and attorneys.  But there are some unique mobile queries that show how Hispanics turn to mobile technology when they need to find a product or service that’s nearby.

Hispanics often searched for gruas (towing services) and clinicas (clinics).  While apartamentos (apartments) was also a popular query on mobile bienes raices (real estate) was less popular than on the web.  While there are some interesting dynamics and differences between mobile and web, it is clear that users that search for local merchants using their mobile devices are among the most desirable customers for local merchants; these Hispanic consumers are usually close by and ready to buy.

Latinos in the U.S used several different mobile devices to search.  We know that in the US, 24% of all Apple iPhones were purchased by Hispanics.  Here is a breakdown of the different devices that were used by Hispanics to access YaSabe:

Based on the devices we know that Apple is the singular most important device manufacturer.  However when it comes to operating system, Android is the leading mobile OS with more than half of the queries on YaSabe.