With summer fast approaching searches for clothing (ropa in Spanish) have been on the rise and are now amongst the top 5 searches in YaSabe.  Users end up finding clothing stores for a variety of purposes and needs.  Below are some highlights of terms and trends used to find clothing stores during the month of May.

Gender & Age

Users search by gender and age to find the right clothes and stores – for example “casual clothes for women” (ropa casual para dama) or “baby clothes” (ropa para infantes).  Here’s a list of such terms found:

  • bebe (babies)
  • chicas (girls)
  • chicos (boys)
  • dama (ladies)
  • hombre (men)
  • infantes (infants)
  • jovenes (youth)
  • mujer (women)
  • niños (kids)

Stores and Brands

We also noticed that users searched for clothing items based on certain stores and brand names – for example “Lord & Taylor department stores” (lord & taylor tienda por departamentos), “Anne Taylor clothing”  (anne taylor ropa), “Ross department stores” (tiendas ross en miami florida), “Aldo shoes, handbags, and accessories” (aldo houston zapatos bolsos y accesorios) and “Tommy Hilfiger purses” (bolsa tommy hilfiger miami).  We’ve also compiled a list of other stores that were searched for this past month.

Clothing Items

A majority of the searches were done using certain clothing items – for example “dress stores in Coral Gables” (tiendas de vestidos en coral gables), “cowboy clothing in Nashville, TN” (ropa vaquera en nashville tn), and “basketball t-shirts for sale in San Antonio, TX” (t shirt de basketball de equipo de san antonio texas a la venta).  Here are additional items that were searched for:

Language Used in Searches

And finally, we also notices that certain searches were done in a bilingual manner, where Spanish and English were mixed:

  • custom made ropa (custom made clothing)
  • camisas big and tall (big and tall shirts)
  • jeans colombianos (colombian jeans)

And we also saw searches conducted in English but with an intent to find Spanish/Latin culture clothing:

  • colombian apparel
  • colombian jeans
  • honduras clothing
  • latin clothing
  • mexican clothing store