Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate with your loved ones, you’ll  want to give it a romantic touch when thinking about a date a gift or any surprise you want to do for that special someone. It is a day where you can escape from the routine and finally indulge as a couple by a sharing dinner, going to live shows, spending time outdoors or going on a trip. Unfortunately, not all couples have the opportunity to celebrate  every Valentine’s, that’s why we bring you some  ideas to celebrate in style.

Romantic dinner: Often, for this day the restaurants are fully booked and there aren’t any reservations available, If that is the case you might want to avoid the crowd and the loud places and plan something quiet and romantic at home. Another option is to take advantage of the many offers hotels have during this week with packages for the night including dinner, shows and drinks. A perfect combination to break the routine.

If you decide to go for a romantic dinner in a restaurant we give you a guide of restaurants in your area.

Outdoors: Have you ever surprised your loved one with a sailboat or boat riding into the sunset? If your answer was no, it is never too late. Even though is something that can not be done on a regular basis is a great idea to do something extraordinary that none of you have experienced before. It can be accompanied with a picnic and a good wine to make this experience a memorable one.

Live Shows: There is always a rock band or music group you both enjoy,  if that is not the case you can still make an effort for your partner and try to have a great time, enjoying a good performance show.

Surprise trip: For the adventurer couples we propose a last minute trip, It could to an exotic destination or close to home (the choice is yours) either or is a good gift to pamper your loved one with a surprise like this. Other option is to spend a day or a weekend at a spa or retreat, anything goes.

Escapades: For the adrenaline lovers we propose to  try a parachute jump, balloon ride, diving , skiing, going to an amusement park , not everyone dares  to do it and we suggest you do!

What plans you have for your partner for this Valentine’s Day ? We want your comments!