This is probably the professional we fear the most!  You, and many others like you, may try to find excuses not to visit the dentist. There could be many reasons for these feelings.  And we know the equipment noise can be intimidating if not terrifying. There is also another factor to consider.  Perhaps we have bad memories of another dentist and their lack of tact, or maybe it is the memory of the pain that caused us to leap 100 feet into the air!  However, for the moment let us leave these thoughts behind.  Now, let us focus on the many advantages we have by visiting a dentist.

Review and dental evaluation

This is very important and it is the basis of individual knowledge for any dentist.  Everything is examined where our dental health is concerned: Gums, teeth, tissues, tongue, bone support, etc.  The dentist will also check for cavities and see how advanced they might be.


Face it.  There are many advantages to dental health.  Let us look at the different applications.

An x- ray allows the dentist to review the destruction of the teeth, cavities, etc.  This will benefit the dentist greatly to know which treatments are required, to better our dental health.

They can detect if we have any illnesses like gingivitis or periodontitis, and help us with these issues. This will benefit us greatly to begin to treat these problems correctly and under professional supervision.

On the other hand, even if we don’t have any discomfort, we should visit regularly.  Two times per year is recommended, which is not that much and will not cause discomfort.  On the contrary, it will contribute great benefits because we will detect ahead of time the formation of bacterial plaque.  This will help us to eliminate them without undue concern.

It is also beneficial to do deep cleaning.  This cannot be done correctly without visiting the dentist, because it requires professional services.  This will help us to maintain our oral health in optimum conditions.  It will also contribute to a bright and healthy smile.

And yet, we have not explained the 2 main and radical advantages to visiting the dentist and it is this:  Health and esthetics.  However, we can discuss different themes that stem from these two aspects.

What about you?  Do you struggle to visit the dentist?  We would love to know your opinion. Thanks!