Sometimes it is not easy to give a great gift.  Especially on those occasions when we want something that fascinates our father, but is useful at the same time!  Well Dad, although you might seem easy to please, we are not that easy to please when it comes to giving a great gift!

We want something that stands out!  Something you really like and something you can use to be a part of your daily life, more than we already are!  For this reason, we bring you a collection of ideas or gift guide just for you.  We will classify each choice based on the type of activity you like to do.


For the worker Dad:


Depending on your father’s career, you could come up with innovative ideas. Consider an engraved pen with the family name / names or “happy father’s day. We love you very much.”  Our father would really like that.  We could also think of office utensils or cups, food containers adorned with our own special touch.  Or it could be work tools, as long as it is special.

For the sporting Dad:


Here we have quite a variety to choose from, but it boils down to the favorite recreational activity of our father.  We could give him a ball or apparel from his favorite team, autographed by everyone on campus or a representative of the club.  If it is fishing or other colorless activities, we can give him some type of element or clothing especially designed for this activity. For example: If he likes camping, we can give him a pack of lanterns, large, sharp knives, etc.


For the Dad who loves TV:

Even though your dad may appear to lead a sedentary life when it comes to taste, nothing is written in stone.  And if his passion is to watch the World Cup on TV then a:  large, comfortable couch, an HD TV, apparel from the team or country he belongs to.  All of these are great ideas to choose from.


For the musical Dad:


We can try as hard as we can to get the autograph of his favorite artist on an instrument, and the whole family can sign it as well.  Our father will be very happy!  Or we could give him music lessons so he can learn to play the guitar if this is his desire.

The possibilities are truly endless.  Of course, we will help you with excellent and fantastic ideas to give your Dad.  You can help us with even more ideas from your comments or uploading to social networks.