Mother’s Day is getting closer and it is always good to pamper our mom. And it is a special occasion to show her even more how much we love her! Since she always prepares the breakfast for us, we can, for a change, prepare the breakfast for her! But we can go one step further…what about breakfast in bed with an extra special touch?

Today, we are going to review some recipes and ideas to prepare the best breakfast for our mom! And if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please share them with us!

Fruit Tacos

Easy to prepare, fresh and delicious, these fruit tacos are ideal to reward mom on her special day! Use vanilla or chocolate pancakes as a tortilla. Then cut strawberries, berries, pineapple, bananas or whatever kind of fruits your mom loves best! Cut them into small squares and try to drain the leftover juice. You will need enough pancakes to make as many tacos as you like. Then calculate 2 tablespoons of fruit for each pancake, so it’s not so hard to eat. You can even decorate them with whip cream or cream cheese!

Strawberry Bellini

Why not fall in love with this perfect, brunch cocktail? It’s a fresh and tasty delight. Let’s toast our beloved mom with this wonderful drink! Here is the recipe for…Strawberry Bellini.

Breakfast Burrito


It is not an original idea but whoever thought of it, is a genius! There is nothing better than combining your breakfast ingredients into a healthy, delicious burrito! Include cheese and scrambled eggs with a touch of guacamole, diced tomatoes and black beans. You can also make variations with bacon or vegetables. You can make as many flour tortillas as you would like. Remember: If you fill them up too much, they will fall apart!

Yogurt and Granola!

If your mom is going through a healthy eating phase, you can prepare a nice yogurt with fruits and granola. Serve in a glass with a little yogurt, and then make a fruit topping (diced) and then another topping with granola. Make layers on top of layers until you fill the glass to the top! Serve with freshly pressed grapefruit juice

 Salmon, Egg white and Arugula Frittata 

Continuing on the same healthy wave, you can prepare this Salmon, Egg white and Arugula dish. Healthy and nutritious too!

Here is the recipe for Salmon, Egg white and Arugula Frittata 

Carbonated Citrus Drink with Herbs!

Another fresh and revitalizing option for early morning is a citrus drink with a dash of herbs added. Generally speaking, I drink my lemonade with mint or basil. This recipe is a little different and includes Rosemary, yes, you heard right… Rosemary! Here is the recipe for Carbonated Citrus Drink with Herbs!

Mini Mexican Potatoes!

Potatoes are front and center for many delicious meals! They fill us, give us a satisfied and comfortable feeling and are tasty too! This recipe includes potatoes and Mexican ingredients to prepare a scrumptious Latin gourmet breakfast!

Here is the recipe for Mini Mexican Potatoes!

Huevos Rancheros!

Now, let us finish with one of my favorite recipes! Ranch-style eggs are a world of flavor in your mouth! So, let’s review the recipe for Huevos Rancheros!

A very happy Mother’s Day!