Do you miss the typical food from your country? These unique flavors will remind you the funny anecdotes or unique moments of your childhood. So we made a huge searching of 10 of the best places to make you feel at home, from sophisticated places to places that are a must to step and stand for something.

Bolivar– Comida Colombiana-South Beach, FL.

A wide selection of dishes and beer (and much more) throughout South America. great attention to service (a European service  like everyone respect and friendly service)  premier fresh food. Finally, but not least, it is not expensive. Can you ask for more?

Machu Pichu – Comida Peruana- Atlanta, GA

It was only necessary to ask if  they point out in this place that they have  the darling Peruvian food, the taste of a mixed beef or inevitable cevichito an Inka Kola and chicha morada heladita. And this is the place where one misses its roots, where it is worth an investment.

Doma Polo– Restaurante Argentina- Miami, FL.

Excellent choice in town to soothe withdrawal of a good grill. Doma Polo is very cozy, decorated in the style of several other Porteño’s restaurants (name for people living in the City of Buenos Aires) very careful with careful attention to detail. “The myth is over when they say eating a roast is just only in Argentina.”

Chipotle– Comida Mexicana- Locales Varios en US

An inviting place to spend a good evening with friends without neglecting good drinks and Mexican food are taken to a gourmet dish. No waste. Excellent quality from its decor, service and food. Viva Mexico!

Churrascaria Tribeca– Comida Brasileña- Broadway, NY.

This place exceeded all expectations. Rated A in decor, service and cuisine. For those who knew Rodizio this place is even better, if you are a  meat lover you should certainly visit it. Do not stay with the desire dessert offering a wide variety of tropical flavors and chocolates recharged extra flavors.

Caracas Arepas Bar Comida Venezolana- New York,NY.

Arepas are made ​​at the moment, imagine how tasty would be. Along with stuffed arepas we can taste a rich 100% Venezuelan beer. The decor is simple but highlighting some Venezuelan culture in each of its corners. A place to step 5 stars melancholy Venezuela.

Doña Paulina Comida Uruguaya- Miami, FL.

To taste a Uruguayan goat, you just need to approach the home of Doña Paulina. Excellent service and quick meals with Uruguayan touch. Fresh food, accompanied with a rich cold mate or Pilsen beer, one of the most acclaimed.

Rincon Latino Comida Ecuatoriana- Orlando,FL.

Specializing in Ecuador meal served with all the dishes lationamericano love. Customers looking homemade, tasty food and feel at home, this is the right place to give your taste buds a new flavor.

Yxta– Comida Mexicana- Los Angeles, CA.

Listed above are a fast-food Mexican but descontracturada to be with friends and have some fun. For a more glamorous option, we invite Yxta everywhere you look you will find first class from their meals to local materials. Don’t miss out the wonderful bar drinks.

El Fuego– Comida Peruana al paso- Washington,DC.

With a sales success, customers are not left out in a hurry to taste the flavors of Peru in this food truck.The food options made fresh  at the moment don’t stop to surprise us.. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?