Do you have voluminous hair, full of well-defined curls?  Do you lack the right products to maintain them and need a little extra help?  Then this article is just for you!  We know most, if not all women, love to wear their hair in a perfect state!  But many women with full curls or voluminous hair get a little crazy on humid and dry days.  Why?  Three reasons:  Their hair may lose definition, lack a well-nurtured look or even lack shine.  To avoid these headaches and recover a beautiful head of hair, we present the following tips:

Rule number one:  Stay well hydrated.  We recommend the use of a shampoo and conditioner unique to your hair texture.  Please do not buy ‘straight and sleek’ when your hair is ‘curly.’  Many women do this and it makes the situation much worse.

Rule number two:  Brush your hair once in a while.  Of course we would love to have well – defined curls and a natural bright and voluminous look.  However, it is not necessary to brush your hair every five minutes.  This will increase frizz and your hair will lose its beautiful shape.

Rule number three:  Dry your hair with your curls hanging down.  Use a moist towel and then comb through.  Gently pull your hair away from the scalp.  This will give a natural shape without excessive force.

Rule number four:  Carefully choose products to maintain your hair.  Don’t be swayed by fads or the latest hair products, which can be deceptive advertising.  Try to get the best advice possible by doing a thorough search.  Hair moisturizing creams and mousse for curls are a good option when they are chosen carefully.  Go to a beauty salon or esthetician and find the best option for you!

Rule number five and the most important rule of all is this:  Do not get used to sleeping with wet hair.  Why?  The following morning your hair will be uneven.  One side will be patted down and the other will have more volume.  So dry your hair correctly before you sleep.

If you feel that having a head of curls is complicated, follow these tips and you will find a more manageable way to deal with it.  It is just a question of knowing yourself and more importantly: knowing your hair!  If these tips are useful please share on social networks or post your comments!