This holiday, add a touch of your country, culture or heritage to your home – mix it up with traditional decorations in the US!  


Here are some options to give your home that special Latino touch!

Manger Latino


The Latin crib can be placed anywhere in the house or under the tree. Mangers can differ from country to country. This one is based on Huichol art made of ceramic and wool. In the Manger, you can find a coyote, traditionally dressed Huichol people, and even palm trees!

Mexican Canasta


Open or closed baskets are another way to give your home a Latin holiday touch. Place colored cones or spheres in it to celebrate with a Christmas spirit!

Ceramic Bowls


These colorful dishes can be used on your holiday table, whether you use them for sweets, candy, chocolate, or cold appetizers.

What about you? How do you decorate your house for the holidays?