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Going to the dentist with our children can be a headache. We should prepare children to go to their consults without being afraid or forming conclusions,  it is necessary a previous talk about the procedures in order for them to understand the dentist actions, with no doubts or fears children should enjoy a dentist visit like any other doctor.

Two of the biggest fears when going to a dentist office is: the pain that any treatment might cause and  the thought of needles.

There has always been the extreme fear of the dentist, even knowing that after the visit our health would improve, but remember there is nothing worse to suffer that a toothache or cavities. Do not let this happen to your children, do not develop fears or forbid them to know the whole truth, you must be open and able to talk both you and the dentist that is assisting your child.

To be better prepared you can:

-Go in the morning, you’ll have the day to do your homework and you wake up in the morning more relaxed.

-Try chewing sugarless gum on your way to  the office, this a way to relieve the anxiety.

– Listen to and talk with the dentist about the procedures, if you’re with your child the explanation may be a bit more simple or the dentist will use references in order for the children to understand. You can listen to music during your consultation, it is one more method to distract you.

Today every technique used by dentists for both adults and children are fully advanced ,do not let fear prevent you from getting a good treatment, at the end of the day is good for your health. Find the best dentist in our yasabe directory and enjoy this new experience of going to the dentist relaxed!