With the arrival of Valentine’s Day we pay attention to all the details, a good bouquet of roses or other flowers will always be a good surprise for your love. It is often difficult to choose them because it is not usual to buy flowers, unless you’re a romantic and surprise your wife or girlfriend every once in a while with a bouquet of flowers. For those who want to give something special but hate flowers, you can cook something delicious following some of these delicious recipes. But, if you have no idea of what a petal is, we invite you to continue reading and find out how to choose the best flowers for this Valentine’s Day.

Choice of flowers:




Red roses are given to those who you want to show love and passion, people who you have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage. The quantity can also have a special meaning. A single red rose shows love, a dozen shows gratitude, twenty-five shows congratulations and fifty show unconditional love. Two red roses tied together symbolizes an engagement.


Pink roses in general are given to those whom you want to show thankfulness, admiration, and happiness. The different shades of pink can have more precise meanings.

Deep pink is used for appreciation and gratitude, where as light pink conveys admiration and sympathy, and peach roses are given to show modesty.


White roses are given to those who are innocent, reverent, and pure. They are very commonly used in weddings. They can also be given as a sign of secrecy. A white rosebud is used to show girlhood.


Yellow roses express joy, gladness, and friendship. They are given to new mothers, newlyweds, and graduates. They’re also used as a reminder to a loved one to show that you care.

Orange- Desire

Orange roses are given to those who you desire, those you want to get to know better, or those who you are proud of.


Lavender roses show that you have fallen in love with someone from the moment you saw them. It also can be given to those who you feel are very unique, and those who you feel are enchanting.


Tulips are symbolic of fame and perfect love. The symbolic meanings also change with the color of the tulips. Red tulips mean “believe me” and are a declaration of true love. Variegated tulips mean “you have beautiful eyes.” Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile” and cheerful thoughts. Cream colored tulips mean “I will love you forever.” White tulips symbolize heaven, newness and purity. Purple tulips symbolize royalty. Pink tulips mean affection and caring. Orange tulips mean energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion.


Rare and delicate beauty.

Orchids are a long-lasting and particularly elegant type of flower, which would make those receiving one as a gift feel especially pampered. Their graceful appearance draws immediate attention, and their reputation as an exotic and unusual flower evokes a sense of refinement and innocence.


Symbolizes respect, love and happiness, what better gift for a bride.

….If you choose by colors:

Note that the meaning of the colors is very important in a gift like this. Each color conveys a feeling and meaning:

• Red means passion, love and strength.

• Orange represents warmth and enthusiasm.

• The yellow energy and joy.

• Purple serenity and romance.

• Pink tenderness and feelings of gratitude.

I hope we helped you to choose the best flower to your girlfriend, about her personality  can guide you closer to the flower indicated . We give one last help finding the best flowers near your area or in town visiting our Florists guide page on yasabe.com Good Luck!