An accountant is a professional capable of processing, interpreting and preparing the accounting for a company, organization or individual. Their primary mission is to generate exhaustive reports that aid on the hiring entity’s decision-making process, from a financial standpoint.

Even though accounting is divided into many specialties and fields, they all share some common roles that may seem hard for the rest of us. Let’s name some of these general roles:

  • Processing the financial information’s registries, conducting patrimony analysis and measuring them

  • Recording, based on the applicable laws, the movements and economic operations of the hiring entity

  • Publishing results in reports to investors, stockholders, public entities, suppliers (in many cases) and all the people involved in the company or organization

  • Performing auditing tasks such as claim settlements, actualized calculations and expertise proceedings, among others

  • Performing tax assessments and settlements, from both national and regional standpoints

  • Monitoring financial statements

  • Documenting and designing managerial and commercial reports

  • Detecting critical areas in a company or entity’s financial situation

  • Advising on fiscal aspects, financial plans, law-related budgets and credits, among others

  • Conducting periodic evaluations of advances or delays on generated entries

  • Providing a basic database for the hiring entity’s directors

  • Coding assets and liabilities, incomes and outcomes

  • Verifying received invoices, which should include the company’s fiscal data and comply with local regulations

As you might see, this academic path is not for everyone. Also, it is not advisable to hire an accountant that doesn’t comply with all the norms required for operating legally. However, accounting is a career that has and will continue to have (despite all the technological advances) its place in the world’s workforce.

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