Father’s Day is coming and we want to give him the best!  Not only for his hard work, but because in one way or another, he has done the same for us.  He deserves the best, so we urge you to give him the same in return.

One of the things we love as humans is surprises!  Of course, we prefer our happiness to last not just one day, but for a long time.  Still we do the best we can.  So with this in mind, let us see what surprises we can give Dad, and the best way to do them!

How can I surprise Dad?

  1. A great breakfast:  How wonderful to wake up and have our family make us breakfast. To see everyone collaborating to thank us (As fathers) for our daily effort. It will be a wonderful start to the day!

  2. Escape to an excellent lunch:  During the noon day break, we can take our Dad to a spectacular restaurant.  It does not have to be luxurious.  As long as the family is together and we take our Dad somewhere he really likes, that will be more than enough.

  3. A very special reception:  When Dad comes home, prepare a welcome home party.  There are many things we can do including:  Crafts, some gift he really likes and much more!

  4. An unforgettable dinner: There is no better way to express our love for Dad, than making a dinner between family members. His favorite food plus some other invention on our behalf together with everyone else, is an excellent way to thank him for what he has done for us. And it will be an excellent way to send him to bed with a face that glows from joy!

  5. The event of the year:  We can take our Dad, in commemoration of his day, to an event he would like to attend. As a family we can make this event special with our collaboration, even if it bores us. This will be another opportunity to give Dad something he likes, and cheer up his day!

If you like these recommendations please comment or share on social networks. On the other hand, if you have more ideas you can comment and share on social networks as well. Whatever you do, do it all for Dad!