It may seem unreal to imagine that your child is going to school! How is it possible when just yesterday, they were only a baby? This week many children are starting school for the first time and understandably, many parents feel some degree of anxiety with this event. We all know when we have a child that they will grow and someday, when they are all grown up, they will leave the nest and strike out on their own! Although we know this reality ahead of time, we are never prepared! Children are not the only ones who need time to adapt. Parents need it too! So, if this entire school experience is new to you, you may feel puzzled and a little worried about the emotional weight it brings.

We know that the beginning of the school year is a reason for happiness because it means our child is growing and developing into a competent adult. We also know that this presents many advantages both for our child and us as parents. Why? Thanks to the training at school, our child will learn not only to improve their communicative skills within their environment but also to socialize, and become independent. They will also learn how to accept small responsibilities and challenges that will increase over the years. On the other hand, we will recover some of the free time we lost. This allows both parents and children to reach a certain balance or equilibrium that makes life more pleasant!

Our children will grow. It is an inescapable fact. And there is nothing we can do but accept it and help support their growth. It is perfectly normal to be concerned and even excited! But don’t let your emotions affect your little ones. You have no doubt been working all this time to help them understand that school is a happy and fun place they will really enjoy! They will meet other children in the same situation and they will have lots of space to play and learn. The experience is exciting and fun and that is how our children should view it! They should never think of schooling as an obligation or something tedious. The first impressions are always the strongest! And the first impression our child has regarding the school will determine their future relationship with the institution!

However, always be attentive to what your children share about their classmates, homework and even teachers! And if you have any doubts or concerns, always talk with your child’s teacher! It is ideal to open a dialog where both parties work for the welfare of the child.

But don’t feel that your child is replacing you! On the contrary, it is the beginning of a new stage in your relationship. Especially if you get involved in their activities and form a part of their new world, both at home and at school!

I know you want to know everything about the first day of class but don’t overwhelm your child with questions. Keep it simple! In time you will find out about each new friend, their teachers and the things they learn every day!  

And if you have one or more children at home you will feel less alone. However, that child may miss his elder brother or sister. Plan activities with the smaller children and arrange dates to play with other children! There are lots of ways to distract the younger ones! Soon your little child will be used to the new routine of picking up their big brother / sister at school every day!

The ideal way to have a good transition is to stay organized and accommodate all the pieces in their place (new schedules, lunch preparation, school materials, homework, etc.). This will help you to adapt quickly to the new routine. Your child will learn new responsibilities and if you think about like a simple game, you will enjoy it!

Prepare your child at an early age to adapt to the teacher, the building and the types of homework they will have to do! This will infuse calm and help them to anticipate going to school! It is important to share our own happy experience with our school to help our child feel confident and little by little, they will adapt to the new circumstances. And again, if you have any doubts, ask! There are some transitions that go slower than others and some children are happier than others with the experience. However, your child should know how to find a positive outlook! And if you note your child is really not content at school, talk to them and ask simple questions to discover the root of the problem!

I hope you will find these tips useful. Have a great school year!