Have you ever asked yourself what the benefits are of being bilingual? I am sure you have! But, perhaps you have not noticed YaSabe has all the information on the bilingual mind!   It is not difficult to find someone today who speaks more than 1 language whether for studies, by family heritage, etc. The majority of our users are bilingual, which makes this article more important.  We not enjoy the cultural benefits of another language, but the communication in our hands as well. It is also a defensive mechanism.

Senile dementia is an illness that many face in their adult life, but bilinguals show a delay of almost 5 years!  This means they have a larger resistance to certain diseases caused by Alzheimer’s.  On the other hand, and as a second benefit of being bilingual, cognitive decay is diminished. These results were established by the University of Edinburgh after a study of more than 800 individuals.

Relevant details were stated such as:  ‘The 835 subjects of the study were born in Scotland and the United Kingdom. Regarding native English speakers, 262 were capable of speaking more than 2 or more languages. From this group, 195 learned a second language before their 18th year, 19 before the age of 11 and 65 learned it after the age of 18.’  These numbers show the capacity of these individuals fluent in another language.

This study also raised a very intriguing idea. Many asked if those bilinguals who spoke more than two languages had the ease of learning even more languages. And if this advantage of learning more languages creates more cognitive capabilities. This study took into account the impact of learning across their lifetime, and will be available online on Wiley’s web starting June 2nd. These interesting facts are great to read to your children and nephews!

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