Salma and Jennifer

America’s eyes were fixed on the red carpet last Sunday night, and you can bet that there were plenty of Latinos in the television audience enjoying the display of glamour and Hollywood high fashion. According to a poll of US Latinos conducted yesterday on, Jennifer Lawrence’s dress was just as popular with the Hispanic audience as it was with fashion bloggers across the Internet, taking 1st place and 45% of the vote for best dressed.

Salma Hayek (herself a Mexican) also elicited a strong positive response from YaSabe visitors, 33% of whom thought she was the best dressed of the night. That is in sharp contrast to the opinion of E! Online, which listed Hayek as one of the worst dressed women on the red carpet. Fellow Latina Zoe Saldana was less well received by Hispanic Oscar watchers, finishing in a virtual tie with Reese Witherspoon in the YaSabe poll.

Oscar poll