Many patients choose to go to another dentist if they find the dental office conditions are not up to date or the dental instruments are dirty or old. Do not surprise yourself because there are many real cases about this lack of hygiene in a dental office. Feel free to ask your dentist about the safety, hygiene and sterilization of instruments. For those who choose not to answer your questions, we decide to write this article to tell you and let you know the patterns to realize if your dental office is in good condition or if you should start looking for another option for your dental health.

When we go into a dental office we know what to expect for a good impression, the smell of disinfectant and everything very clean and shiny. In any office there are magazine racks, individual chairs and low tables to wait, all these elements should be carefully disinfected for bacterial problems because they are places of transit and you never know what others can bring in their clothes or even infections in the skin.

The design of the office should be spacious with room to move. Must meet planning codes and safety standards, if a doctor follows the rules then it is able to start working, otherwise the dental office will be closed because it doesn’t meet the requirements.

All instruments in an office should be cleaned and sterilized, and the materials used to heal and treat should be disposable including: gloves, bib, applicators, gauze, cotton, glasses, face masks, protective plastic covers, among others. Any surgical instruments or non-disposable must be sterilized and open in front of our eyes. Do not let them do sly maneuvers without you knowing, be careful to avoid future inconveniences.

All waste must be disposable and after use should be deposited in special containers to prevent accidents and the collection company knows that it is biological waste. These elements are never recycled.

If there are dental assistants, they should use masks and disposable gloves, is mandatory.