Beans, sodas, delicious soups and even chopped fruit.  These are the many foods choices we can find in cans. And once we use the contents we have two choices: Throw them in the trash (In the recycling area) or reuse them in different art and craft projects!

After all, these are perfect aluminum cans, which have multiple uses. You can recycle them until they get damaged or until you tire of them!

So let’s get creative today. And let us think of some ideas together to recycle these cans and make beautiful objects to design our home! What do you think?

Pencil Holders

You can cover your cans with fabric, brightly colored  paper and even cork materials. This will create beautiful pencil holders for your desk or your children.

Use large cans to organize your kitchen utensils!

Door Wreaths

Spring is still some time away, but we can start to work from now.  With a little paint and ribbons you can make beautiful door wreaths. In this case, you will have to open the cans on both ends.


I made them and they are so beautiful! In my case, I covered the cans with small branches I found in the woods and some moss I had at home. I have them hung on the balcony, but if you have a park you can hang them in the trees.

There are two important factors to remember: You must include a small branch (So the bird can use as a foot rest) stuck with universal glue. Then the rain will not break it. The paint must be synthetic and if you can add a rust-free base, even better!

These birdfeeders are only for small birds. However, you can use larger cans or combine different size cans.



With soda cans sliced into strips and flattened (Imagine you are crushing them) you can shape these designs. Add a night candle and voila! I particularly like (for a more harmonious atmosphere) to paint them in color, black, white or silver. You can hang them up with a wire or place them on the table.




 For a super modern kitchen, garden, deck or dining room.

In each case, use the cans like a lampshade. Then as a second step, design the lacework done by hand with a hammer and nail. You can paint them with bright colors like the pictures below and use instead of a lamp, candles or transform them into lamp covers. You can even add lemon grass candles to ward off mosquitoes during summer!

I hope you have enjoyed these super, ecological and creative ideas!

Good luck!