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Usually we are not aware of the many specialties within law. When there’s a legal issue, we just think we need to find a lawyer. But what kind of lawyer?

Here’s some information to help you figure it out.

Before separating, it must be noted that most lawyers handle most areas of law, with some degree of specialization to have more open opportunities. There are though a few more very specific areas. We’ll show you which ones they are.

  1. Commercial litigation and Corporate Law: They take care of everything related to a company’s rights, obligations, lawsuits, employee and tax matters. In many companies, they are part of the internal legal department.

  2. Criminal Law: Everything related to crimes (murders, robberies)

  3. Relationships: They work with marriages, separation, divorces and custody issues..

  4. Migration: They are the ones who help us navigate through all the citizenship process in any country.

  5. Tax: They deal with everything IRS related.

  6. Intellectual Property: They are the ones who help us with copyright and patents and brands registration.

  7. Probate: Inheritances, trust and property management.

  8. Civil Litigation: All non-criminal proceedings.

  9. Personal Injury: If you’ve been in a workplace accident or withstood workplace negligence, they are the ones to turn to.

  10. Real Estate: They handle all rent, buying and selling matters, as well as zoning and development issues.

We hope we helped you with what you need to get the right lawyer for your legal matter. For other types of lawyers, please visit YaSabe Lawyers Guide page 

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