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Thanks to technology, Optometry has taken a place as one of the most accurate and consulted specialized services within Medicine. Since they deal with specific short term solutions, we usually approach them in a more relaxed manner. However we should be aware that there are people who pose as optometrists but haven’t completed their studies and may misdiagnose us. Here are two simple things you should check to find a good one.


It’s perfectly fine to directly ask any prospective optometrist where they got their degree. It’s within our rights. The standard varies from country to country, but it is usually a 3 to 5 year college degree. There are a few schools that offer technical instruction, but it is not a third level education degree, so they probably don’t get the same amount of instruction. Whichever your case, make sure the person you’re trusting with your eyes has a valid degree to work in the area.

The Looks

It’s natural to feel more comfortable in a clean, tidy and professional office. The kind where they are friendly to their clients, listen to their questions and offer advice. A well-established medical office should look as such in order to make us at ease

If these two simple rules are met, go on in and get checked out.

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