Amazing weather, leisure time, ready to have fun but don’t have enough money? Yes, this scenario can happen and often! Most of us do not always have the resources to enjoy vacation on a Paradise island!

Sometimes we can’t afford to travel just a few miles to take a break…but no matter! This should not stop us from enjoying summer vacation! Do you know why? There are a lot of activities you can do with friends and family and spend just a little to no money. Yes, it can be free! There are many different options to choose from. This is not only because the weather is nice, but because it’s beautiful, you have free time on your hands and are ready to have tons of fun!

In many cities there are open air music festivals. Free in every way, not only outdoors but out of pocket too! In my city, for example, we have music festivals every Saturday evening during the summer months!

Fairs are also free or very affordable. There are lots of activities to do from games, music festivals and even different foods to to enjoy! Find out if any fairs are in your town or county!

Be a tourist in your own city. Sometimes we live in the same place for years without knowing anything about it! Try a typical tourist tour and see what you can discover. Consult your city’s pages and find out what exciting things you can do or places you can visit!

Watch a baseball game! Some seats are very affordable!

Go fishing or camping!

Visit the free admission museums in your area! Or you may decide to take your children to the zoo!

Take advantage of the community pools! Sometimes they cost very little and free access pools are available almost all season long!  In some parks you can also have picnics with your family and there are grills to make a tasty barbecue!

Discover new sights! Sometimes you don’t have to travel too far to discover something new!

Enjoy the little things: An ice cream at any moment, searching for wild flowers, chasing fireflies and butterflies, riding a bicycle, flying a kite, practicing your favorite sport or observing and admiring nature…

In some parks and public pools there are outdoor movies available. Don’t miss the show!

Take your partner on a romantic picnic under the stars!

Take advantage and read that book you haven’t read! Enjoy it in a park and even more if you have a beach nearby!

Rent boats or canoes! They are not very expensive and you can have tons of fun!!!

Visit a wine farm or beer tasting brewery, liquor or other alcoholic beverages!

Enjoy water sports!

Turn your backyard into a fairground for children! You can add water slides, water balloon fights, treasure hunts and even make a camp!

Organize a tea party for your girls and friends outdoors!

Find other free activities in your area! You will be surprised at how many things you can find to do!

Enjoy the setting of the sun wherever you may live!