entrevistas con abogados

When you decide to hire a lawyer, communication between both parties is the key! It must not fail and good communication with a professional will help everything to run smoothly. It will also avoid misunderstandings and keep confusion at bay.

Lawyers tend to follow-up interviews by other means instead of face to face. For example, they always look for a way to stay in touch with their clients either by email and phone calls among others. But we must agree that the first interview should be face to face. Why? This will give us an opportunity to really know one another. We can observe gestures and any uncomfortable situation that could arise. It also helps us to form our own unbiased opinion.

A good lawyer interview will diminish tension. And many times we are responsible for our own stresses based on the things we hear. Or it could be bad advice from friends or uninformed individuals. So talking personally to our lawyer is a great way to set our mind at ease.

To guide us in the best possible way, it is convenient to review a series of questions that would simplify this process. Many common questions we could ask are the following:

  • Have you successfully finalized other cases similar to mine?
  • Will you make decisions on your own, or will you keep me informed before you make decisions?
  • Do I have pay up front?
  • What are the odds of winning the case?
  • What is the policy of your law firm?
  • How long will the process take?
  • It is mandatory to go to trial?

These questions are the most common things people think about. Sadly, most do not ask these questions simply due to the fear of appearing foolish. Please remember: You are the one who will pay for the service so you have a right to ask your questions!

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Avoid the fears and anxieties of a lawyer’s interview. The only thing this will cause is more confusion and less understanding. Trust is everything so keep this thought in mind!

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Of course your lawyer will also ask questions about the case. He / she will investigate the situation as deeply as possible. They will also ask general questions and more specific ones. You should be prepared to answer without hesitation. The more open you are and the more information you have, the better the solution to the case will be. Your client – lawyer relationship will also be great!