(HERNDON) —  Small businesses are blooming in the DC-Metro area thanks to YaSabe.com. Langley Park Dental Center has been in business for 25-years and has advertised with several markets but never on-line.  In March, Dr. Peter Sabaya, owner of  Langley Park Dental Center decided to do on-line marketing with YaSabe.com. He is now enjoying all the benefits of new customers and more revenue for his clinic.  ¨I am happy with YaSabe services because they have delivered new clients to my door. ´Mostly Hispanic clients,¨ Sabaya said.

¨YaSabe helps you discover reputable businesses and great deals locally,¨ Zubair Talib, CEO of YaSabe.com said. YaSabe is an immense database of 14 million businesses listed all across the US.  ¨It is a bilingual directory service on the web and the mobile phone,¨ Talib said.

Not only does YaSabe save you time and money but it provides you with fast information at your finger tips. ¨Just ask our live chat service, they speak Spanish, English and Spanglish,¨  Talib said.

The company works hard to maintain culturally relevant information about local and non-local businesses particularly interesting for Hispanics such as, dentists, doctors, insurance, restaurants, beauty and entertainment.

¨My profile and micro-site on YaSabe are very professional and full of helpful information. New clients are able to locate my office easily through the web or get live assistance from YaSabe agents.¨ Sabaya said.

Sabaya offers 10 percent discounts to new patients that mention YaSabe.com. General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry is the most common procedure done at the dental clinic. They accept most insurance plans and clients of all ages. ¨My bilingual assistant and I don´t rush our clients, we take our time and make sure we are giving them the proper care,¨ he said. The clinic is known for good patient care.

It is convenient to make an appointment but in case of an emergency patients are seen. Langley Park Dental Center is located at 7676 New Hampshire Ave. suite 400, Silver Spring Md. Contact Dr. Sabaya at (301) 439-8444.

No need to keep waiting! If you’re a consumer looking for business or a businessman seeking more revenues and customers, join YaSabe now! Contact Ide Lehner at ide@yasabe.com or (703)955-4747 Ext: 275.

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