It is very normal today for many people to stay away from the dentist because of fear! In reality is not the dentist in itself, because we can chose a professional to do the work. It is more a feeling of fear due to intense pain, caused by our visit the dentist. This may be a result of memories of “that time” we went and it hurt so bad even the nerves connecting our eyes to our central nervous system hurt!

Well friend, listen up. The dentist can be painful, but it is necessary to visit at least once every six months, approximately.  But let us see other reasons why we may fear the dentist:

  1. The noise of the “little machine.”  This ugly buzzing noise may give us goose bumps!

  2. The cavity scrapper!  It may feel like a sharp object made of aluminum scraping our teeth.

  3. When another tool of the same material touches our tooth!

For these reasons, we may find that anything, until the dentist talks to us, gives us “chills.”  I use to fear to the dentist, but I had to go.  Why?  The satisfactions we get at the end of the visit are truly pleasant. The feeling of sensitivity gone where our tooth no longer hurts; to see our gums no longer swollen, or healthy and strong gums are more than enough reasons to go!

There are other reasons why we fear the dentist too. On this occasion, we will consider different types of dental work:

  1. Treatment conduct. Too much bad fame in the “hurt” department.

  2. When we put on braces. Especially if they use a lot of screws.

  3. If an extraction is needed.

  4. When surgery is needed, whether plastic or to repair a tooth.

So, let me repeat myself. For someone who fears the dentist, it can be difficult to face those fears. But it will be over sooner rather than later, the quicker you go and get it done. So, it is best to go before you run into a situation or complication on the work that needs to be done.

I guess there are quite a few people that fear the dentist, perhaps for other reasons. Would you like to share those motives? Great! You can do it by means of comments or upload to social networks. Let us know what other fears are “buzzing” around out there!