Let us explore a few descriptions of great cities where the great World Cup is being played. And yes, everything is like this!  Football, joy, music, sun, heat, etc.  And Brazil is one of the countries distinguished by 3 things: Football, music and joy!


  1. São Paulo:  Is the largest city of the World Cup country.  The economic and financial movement of the whole nation, more than 11 million people and its population, is one of the most contagious cities of the world.  Football is breathed in the air at all times.  So much so, that this is the place where the World Cup was inaugurated.


  1. Brasilia:  The capital of the country from 1960 thanks to the president Juscelino Kubitschek.  Although more than 60 years ago, it desired to replace Río de Janeiro as the substitute capital, but had to wait until then. One of the most modern of the nation, huge avenues, immense blocks, artistic works that dazzle the sunsets and buildings that reflect the colors of the sky. One of the most beautiful places in Brazil. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/Rio_de_Janeiro_Helicoptero_49_Feb_2006_zoom.jpg

  2. Río de Janeiro:  From its discovery by Gaspar de Lemos in 1502 until today, it is one of the favorite cities of everyone.  And it is listed as one of the “places you have to visit.”  Its incomparable beauty, the history of the city and beautiful walkways, provides an unequalled experience!


  1. Curitiba:  If it is said that Brazil is an economical, unorganized, country, this marvelous city is worthy of organizational and industrial explosion!  Its transport system and environmental care is used as an example, even a guide on numerous occasions in the entire world.  This also applies to its stadium, which is a representation of the whole city and all it entails.


  1. Fortaleza:  With 34 kilometers of beaches, restaurants and sandy bars, an avenue that runs along the territory of its coastline, and a handcrafted fair along the avenue;  It is one of the most select tourist destinations on the northeast zone of the country.  Today, after an intense and rich history, it continues to make quite a difference to tourism standards.

These descriptions of cities where the World Cup is being played are the most outstanding tourist attractions, if you are bold enough to travel during World Cup season.  And if you have other data that does not appear on these pages for its high cultural standard, you can comment or share on social networks!