On Father’s Day, it would be ideal to watch a movie after finishing a family day in unity and lots of joy!  Most of us, if not all, love movies.  So, to watch a movie on Father’s Day is a great idea. That is why we present the following 4 movies you may like to watch with your dad, either at the movie theater or at home, thanks to the ease of internet movies.  Consider the following options to watch with Dad:





  • “Godzilla” (2014):  A mystical beast, born in 1954 at the hand Ishiro Honda continues its tradition even after 60 years.  Of course, this film’s continued success makes each version unique.  However, on this occasion it seems the beast comes to save us, since its appearance is due to a balance to serve the apparently defenseless humans.



  • 300: Rise of an Empire (300: Rise of an empire):  The second “take” of the enormous success of the movie 300 returns to the big screen.  Although this premiere was in March, you can still enjoy it in your living room with your family.  Only now, the battle is at sea.  The Greek personage known as Themistocles along with the Persian fleet and Xerxes commanding the troops.  Humans converted into gods and lots of mysticism, makes for an impeccable delivery!




  • Robocop (2014):  Another rebirth with great success!  It is the year 2008 and a company called OmniCorp, dominates the robotics industry.  Although the company has won wars outside of the United States, it now turns its attention to home.   Alex Murphy, a cop in the city of Detroit, the good guy, struggles to end a wave of delinquency.   In the course of his work, he is badly wounded.  OmniCorp enters the game and turns him into: Robocop.  Another movie to watch with Dad.  Do not miss it!



  • Río 2: Second installment of the animated comic!  Blue has three children, very funny by the way. But Pearl, Blu’s wife, decides the children must learn how to live in the Amazonian jungle in Brazil in their natural habitat, like real birds. With jealousy in between, adventures and lots of laughs, once more the life of these beautiful endangered birds are brought to our attention!

There is a lot of variety, but we have chosen 4 that you can see from home with your family and also one who is for general audience.  Remember:  If you have any advice for the community you can give it by means of your comments, or upload to your favorite social network.  Share with everyone movies to watch with Dad!