Getting married? Turning 15? I know you want everything to be perfect and to look more beautiful than ever! Do you know why? Because this is your special day, you are the star of the moment and you want to shine! This is because you are happy and you want to share your happiness with those you love.  

Since you want to look awesome, there are certain details you need consider from your look, to your dress, accessories and definitely your hairstyle!

Today, we are going to talk about hairstyles for brides and sweet fifteens during the bloom of youth! If you are like me, you have probably said more than once: “Oh God! What will I do with my hair?”

I have always said there are two things you need to think about: First, if a model or actress looks great in a certain hairdo, it does not mean it will look great on us! And second: Always, always, ALWAYS, think about your type of hair. Be realistic with what you have and use your attributes in the best possible way.


On the other hand, keep in mind that our hairstyle should complement our dress or figure. We also need to think about the theme of the party, whether it is formal, informal, day, night, on the beach or in the middle of a field.

That being said, we have lots of choices to choose from. Basically, hairstyles can be loose, semi loose or upswept. I really don’t like tiaras or sparkles. I prefer natural flowers. It can be a big flower or several small ones together.


If you have any particular details on your dress, for example, a purple sash, or if your dress has a unique color, you can opt for a flower in the same shade. Wear it in your hair for a uniform look! Generally speaking, I have seen few brides or 15 year olds with their hair completely straight. It is customary for a girl to have waves, especially if her hair is long.

Braids are trendy and look beautiful with loose hair…


…or upswept in a classic chignon.

Just a couple of tips to remember: Avoid 100% tight hairstyles clogged with too much hairspray. It will look artificial, stiff and harden the lines of your face. Instead, opt for light products that mold your hair without leaving it like a sponge! When you go the beauty salon, make sure they use good products.

Test your style before the event. If you know the stylist, make an appointment and coordinate the details. Let them advise the best look and try different styles. Take some pictures so you can see how great you look! If you do not know the stylist, look for someone recommended and make prior arrangements to meet and discuss your wishes.  If you get styled at home with the help of a friend or family member, test your style and have fun doing it!

It is better if you let your hair grow for the party. This will give you lots more choices for styling options.

If you have short hair with a shorter style in mind, there are several options too! You can always use a headband, veil or flower in your hair.

Always be faithful to your hairstyle. That’s the best tip I can give you. Don’t be someone else, because you are perfect as you are! That’s why someone is marrying you. Or you’re celebrating the best years of your like by turning 15! Try different styles, experiment, have fun and above all: Relax! Everything will be absolutely wonderful!

Best wishes!