When we think of giving gifts surely these unusual amazing floral arrangements do not cross our minds.Surprise your loved ones with fun and unusual gifts like these.

Starting with one of the most classic yet original arrangements, it consists in words made out of  ​​flowers, they come in all sizes and flowers.


For those that are fans of their pets can make their double at the florist …perrito hecho con flores

Do you want a floral drink beer? This centerpiece is more than original… only for those who want to have fun.


There is always the classic client that asks for floral hearts that never go out of style.http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_EZ16vWYvHHg/S9sFlxDR3QI/AAAAAAAAL28/TDO4cFsct0E/s1600/FloresyCorazones.jpg

Both souvenirs and centerpieces, these fluffy floral ice cream are cute and ingenious, looks tempting…


From the creators of Caring Bears…


Are you a Sex and the city girl? How about this cosmopolitan drink for your guests?http://noelleacheson.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/pink-margarita-thewildorchid.jpg

I thought I saw a cute kitty… So tender and feminine …

Hello Kitty: bellos arreglos florales. Mascotas florales.

Now going to another scenario, yes because flowers can be applied anywhere, we want to show that!


All the awards goes for this one… almost real no doubts about it.Magestuoso pez. Mascotas florales.