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TheHealth Care Reform( ObamaCare) main function is to improve the quality of health of low-income Americans, giving them basic preventive services and necessary assistance  for their health care and increase the standards of basic medical security.

This law provides service reforms and insurance industries as well as everything related to health care, just depends on what state you are in and if  they decide to accept or be left out of this project. Since health insurance and medical treatments are so expensive in a country like the United States, this project wants to ensure that all citizens have the same options giving equal opportunity for all those who are in a difficult situation.

To learn more about Obama Care you can see this video:

Thanks to Health Care Reform:

• Millions and millions of uninsured people will have access to affordable and good quality health insurance by any company.

• More than half of Americans who are uninsured can get free health insurance or low cost using Health Insurance market in any state that is approved.

• Medicaid expands to 15.9 million this means that there will be 138% of poverty level less among  men, women and children.

• CHIP was expanded to cover up to 9 million children.

• Improve Medicare for seniors, including elimination of the coverage period, maintaining fares and the expansion of prevention services for free.