Love hurts. Always. Whether or not it’s reciprocated, we always suffer for love. Perhaps we doubt one another or maybe we fear to lose it. After all, lies and betrayals hurt. It is hard for us to understand the other person, to walk in their shoes, to love as they love or have them love us as we want to be loved.

Love hurts every inch of our body. It affects us when we are happy and when we believe we will die for love. It literally hurts our heart. And we cry a bucket load of tears when we cannot fix the situation.

Does this mean it is useless to love? If it hurts so badly, why do we keep falling in love? It is in our nature, the need to love and be loved. We need passion and care in our lives. We all need love. Yes, it hurts, always, but it’s worth it. Love feeds our lives and gives us true hope. And if we are lucky, we will find that special someone to share our journey through life. And if we haven’t done it yet, it’s still worth fighting for.

We love when we trust; when we share warmth and affection with someone else. It happens when we worry about that person and can’t imagine our life without them. Love is imperfect. It is also simple and complicated at the same time. It involves giving and taking, accepting and never trying to change the other person. It involves keeping the lines of communication open and trying to understand each other. It means doing and thinking for two but maintaining your independence and personal space. Yes, it’s very complicated but possible.

If you want to love and you want to be loved, you have to constantly work at it. Because this task is never over. It’s a continuous process requiring dedication and of course, lots and lots of love. It starts with you as an individual. You need to respect and love yourself before you can respect and love another.

It’s a lie that love is overrated! Love has many faces reflected in friends, family, children and a partner. We can love our career, God, our country and our pets. Love has no name tags. It is always present, even when we don’t see it.

Love hurts even more when we lose it. Sincewe feel it completes us, if we lose it, nothing makes sense. We may feel overwhelmed with emptiness. The challenge is trying to understand what happened when we break up. Then we can learn from our mistakes.  If our love was not reciprocated, it was not love to begin with. It was only a mirage, a “crush.” Although it may cause despair and we may think the world is ending, we can always “get up” and love again.

Our heart does heal, especially when we are young. And the head understand and learns. With time, we may recognize what we really want and we do not really need.

We may be at work and a new workmate enters. Soon we feel that familiar pain in our stomach when we are near. Isn’t it wonderful? We may decide to bet again, believe, trust and give our heart away. It is worth it a thousand times and over to take the risk and fall in love. Because there is no living without love. No one can live without love!