san valentin

We are only a few days away from Saint Valentine’s and in case you still wondering what to buy or make for your special someone we have prepared a list of ideas and tips of what you can do on this Valentine’s day.

Although flowers are a traditional and good option for this occasion, a dozen of long steamed red roses can be a bit expensive. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, or simply more original ones, we have some options that can help you choose a nice present without breaking the bank.

1. Balloons –Who needs flowers if you can have big red balloons?  You can buy them in different shades of red, pink, and white, and before inflating them place a small candy, chocolate or other item that gives it that extra special touch.

2. Buy a manicure, massages, or other special treatment, use one of our YaSabe coupons to get a special discount on them!

3. Short on money for a dinner out on the town? A special home cooked meal is a great alternative. Find the recipe for her/his favorite dish, play some nice music, and you have the perfect setting for a Valentine’s day dinner –at a much lower price that dining out.

4. Absolutely need to give roses? Buy a half dozen roses (using this flower coupons) and ask the florist to complete the dozen with other types of roses, this will save you a few bucks.

5. Get creative and make your own Valentine’s Day card. Surely your partner will love to see that you put so much time and effort creating something unique, and a box of chocolates to make it extra sweet!

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