If you are the romantic type, this is your month! Because February is the month of love and friendship! And although I recommend sharing time and affection with your loved ones, February 14th gives us an extra excuse to say “I love you” in countless ways!

And if you are in a relationship, it is a wonderful time to dine at that special restaurant you like the most.

Another option I bring you today is preparing your own special Valentine menu. But pay attention! I am not only giving you the recipe for the main dish but I’m including appetizers, dessert and even coffee treats.

Sometimes, it is nice to escape the ordinary routine  cooking something different, giving ourselves a prize for our hard work and relaxing while we enjoy the comforts of home.

Let’s begin the menu with a delicious drink based on passion fruit pulp and rum!


Passion Punch


And what is better than two tasty appetizers with tropical flavors to accompany your drink! Prawns breaded in sesame seeds and these Mango and Cheese Mille-feuilles are great options.


Prawns Breaded in Sesame Seeds

Mango and Cheese Mille-feuilles

These Mango and Cheese Mille-feuilles are very easy to do and require very few ingredients. This is a fresh and tasty treat!


Now we get to the main dish of the night! To avoid needless complications, prepare a Peppered Pork Loin. You can add any sides you like but I recommend basmati rice with a little butter or warm new potatoes, pears and asparagus.  

Peppered Pork Loin

And now, we get to the dessert. There is nothing more romantic that chocolate! That is why I chose this incredible Chocolate Lava Cake recipe! You can serve it with whipped cream or a little scoop of vanilla flavored ice cream. It just takes a little bit of work but it is worth it. As with every soufflé you need to make it last minute. But you can prepare it ahead of time.

Chocolate Lava Cake


Of course after the dessert, there is always a little room for a toast or coffee, so I am also including a Valentine classic: Strawberries dipped in chocolate!

This is to fall in love, stay in love and eat to your heart’s content!

Chocolate dipped Strawberries


I hope you like this menu like I do! And if you finally decide on a night out, keep these delicious recipes for another special occasion to give it that romantic touch. Don’t forget to add candles, good music and excellent wine!

Good luck & bon appetit!