Are you a DIY person? If you are, we have some wonderful projects for you today. These are all fun and beautiful crafts and come specially handy during occasions like Easter, halloween oo mother’s day. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to get down to action with the family with these craft projects. They are not only fun but create a world of fantasy with your kids as the stars!

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CLOTH PUPPETS:  Who said that monsters or aliens are scary? These are a great way to have fun with fabric or paper. They can be sewed or glued. You can also use whatever materials you have on hand without spending anything more.

marionetas de fieltro para los dedos -- by Lasanyadeverdura

PRINTED RECYCLED OWLS: Yes! Little rolls of toilet paper or anything similar (you can build your own cardboard rolls) and paint them. You will have fun little owls to decorate a room or give away!


BORING PENS NOT ALLOWED: If your pens are boring it is time to give them a touch of creativity and color! With buttons, pieces of fabric and beads you can do something more childlike. These pieces of art are eye catching and a wonderful gift for teacher moms. A great craft idea to think about!

Reciclando latas

CHARACTER BOTTLES: Have fun creating bottles with your animals or favorite characters. The bottle does not have to be a specific brand, so don’t throw away your old bottles! Any character can be developed from any bottle… so have fun!

Coffee Penguins & mustard Lion

RECYCLED ANIMALS: Yes, with an egg carton you can make an alligator. Wow!…just a box of eggs, paint and colored carton to make a work of art. No more waste!

Manualidades para niños preescolares

And not just a crocodile…

CARDBOARD HOUSES: Who didn’t dream about their own little house when they were young? This is the place where you create your best stories, so make sure you kids get one too!

NECKLACES: Paint noodles and make necklaces to give a way. Super economical and so cute!

Pasta de~nida. Para hacer collares, collages....

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES STAMPS: Coasters with acrylic paint and fabric are a nice touch! You can also use leftover vegetables when you cook. Easy and ingenious!

Sellos con una okra. Tambien queda bien con el centro de un repollo o un paksoy.

We would love to know what kind of games you plan to use with your kids during vacation or when you are at home…what kind of crafts do you make? We would love to read your reply, so don’t forget to share.

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