Who doesn’t have some balloons left after a birthday party? Always remain in a drawer in the basement or garage some unused balloons among party decorations. No? Really? Well, it’s no a problem, they are very cheap and can be easily acquired. For this reason and because several times I’ve got creative with balloons, I thought to bring you 2 single and beautiful ideas to make at home with this material that gives many possibilities.

They are also fun activities to do with the little ones in the house, in that case, always remember to use a tablecloth on the table or work on a surface that is easy to clean.

Decorative Bowl

For this bowl you will need:

  • A balloon, any color is ok, in fact, it does not really matter
  • Many bags of confetti (can also do it with a paper hole puncher and colored paper)
  • A sponge- brush or sponge that no longer use
  • Decoupage glue (white glue)
  • A wide-mouth vase or container


1- First you must put on test your lungs capacity inflating the balloon (if it doesn’t explode in your face, much better) calculating the size of your bowl. If you want you can make a set of various sizes, just an idea. You need to tape the balloon to the vase as is showed in the picture above and begin to cover it with the glue using the sponge, while you spread the confetti saying yay, party! Let it dry a couple of hours and repeat the operation several times until it gets an interesting thickness. When ready, let it dry for about 8 hours (in those 8 hours you can do anything you like!)

2-  If you beat your anxiety, and the layers are already dry (do not lie to me!) it comer the funny part, to remove the balloon. For those who do not suffer from heart problems, using a needle you can explode it fast and loud. It will look like the picture above. If you want, you can tidy up the edges a little bit using scissors or you can just leave it in that artistic way.


3-    Other options for the same bowl are using buttons instead of confetti as you can see in the image on the left; or recycling old magazines confectioning circles with rolled paper, as the picture on the right. I must say that these last two examples are not for beginners and require more patience than the previous one. In both cases there is a twist: the balloon should be covered with plastic wrap and instead of decoupage glue, an universal glue should be used.

Last tip: at least one coat of clear matt varnish will make it more durable!

Paraffin Lanterns

For these beautiful lanterns you will need:

  •  Common balloons or water small balloons
  • Paraffin to melt
  • A bowl, water and a pot to boil the water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tea lights (depending on how many lanterns made ​​one by lantern)

This is another cute and other useful idea.

First, you have to fill the balloon with water. Then, very carefully and on a low heat (I prefer water bath and remember that water should not boil) melt some paraffin.

When the paraffin is melted, you have to immerse the balloon filled with water into the paraffin. As we did with the bowl, you have to have patience and give it several layers, dipping and pulling out the balloon to achieve a certain thickness making sure it will not break.

Once you have a respectable thickness and while the wax remains still soft but not runny, we remove it and place it on a flat surface like a table or any flat surface to form a support base and let it dry and cool, as shown in the photo.

Now the part I like the most, once cold, explode the balloon with too much noise! You can tidy up the edges of the lantern with an iron but with much love and care. Finally, we add a tea light inside and voila; we have a beautiful homemade lantern.

Expert’s advice: Hot wax burns! If children make this task with you, supervise them. Ideally, children and adults should wear rubber gloves for protection.

I hope you do it and do not forget to find the materials for this work and other hobbies at our site YaSabe.com!