If you are like me, you have a box full of buttons of all kinds in your sewing box . Old, new, some I bought to fix something and did not serve me. Others who were of old clothes and many that were loose because socks and buttons are always loose in the house.

If we get a little creative, we can do many wonderful things with these rebels buttons from recycled lamps to bijouterie and creativity is the king.

Today I will tell you some ideas for decorating with buttons that I liked very much and hope you do too!

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We started with this picture made with the “Love” design,  by sculptor Robert Indiana. It is common canvas folded with  upholstery fabric and the word “Love” written with buttons. Another idea, for artists, could be painting yourself the canvas with designs you like or that match the decor of the room.

Another good idea is to make a wall clock. If you have an old clock that want to recycle or you can just buy the machinery at  craft supplies places. This in particular is an embroidery frame (can use an old one or maybe buy one, they really are very cheap). The base is made of brown burlap and the hours are clearly colored buttons.

Another, more classical option is to decorate pillows with simple designs using buttons in the same palette, in this case a heart, but can be circles, stars, a sun or whatever you want!

I like this idea especially if you have furniture or doors that are worn or you want to highlight, with some colored buttons you can give them a lot of life. Use universal glue, if you have a glue gun, the better!

Tired of your old ballerinas? In my case I had a new pink pair that hurt leather when I fell down the street  (yes, I’m very clumsy!)  and could not be fixed. Well, with  overlapping  colored buttons can create a unique flats for your , totally casual and colorful!

The last idea for today is a necklace made with buttons, so you will also need bijouterie tools  like chains, jewelry findings with the same color as the chain to link it to a thicker chain and strips and pliers. Now that I think about it, they look great with the ballerinas!

I hope you make some of these ideas and then tell me the result!