As of December 2010, car accidents are still a leading cause of death in the United States. Many workers who drive for a living every day are at a heightened risk of being involved in an accident. The high number of hours on the road makes the odds of being in a car accident even greater.  Injuries from these kinds of accidents can be permanent for the drivers or the passengers. Permanent injuries to a body part such as the hands, feet, or legs, can impair the person to such an extent where they will never work the same way as before – if at all. These types of serious injuries can have far-reaching effects, making everyday life difficult to bear. With such an accident and the resulting injuries, it will be wise to look for un buen abogado, a good lawyer.

Un accidente de carro, an auto accident, can require a substantial amount of medical care and sometimes lengthy hospitalization. The worker may need months of chiropractic sessions, physical therapy, and medication. Recovery time will always vary, however, in some cases the injuries will never fully heal. This happens in the case of permanent and catastrophic injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect workers who are injured on the job. This is where having un abogado is very important as they can guide you and walk you though all the steps necessary to receive your compensation. If the claim is approved, it may cover expenses for medical care, pain medication, physical therapy, and in some cases temporary or permanent disability benefits. If your loved one was killed in a work-related auto accident, your family may be entitled to death benefits on behalf of the deceased. Workers’ compensation claims are time-sensitive, so do yourself a favor and contact un abogado without delay.