At the 85th LULAC convention in New York, one of the ongoing discussions was the way to create awareness on the high rates of cancer in the Latin community. This included sharing information about the adequate dietary restrictions and considerations, and to promote early detection.


Elena Roman (Director of LULAC Operations) stressed the importance of guaranteeing to Latin communities in the USA, Mexico and Latin America the importance of cancer awareness.

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     “We have to accelerate the education within our communities, because cancer is the number one cause of death within Latinos, and it should not be this way” said Elena Romano to the Latin Post. “What we are observing is that people appear too late for a treatment or do not continue with the treatment.”


The anonymous cancer society reports:

  • 17.000 Latino men and 15.000 women died of cancer in 2012.

  • 75-80% of people that visit the centers come for a second opinion.

  • Only 1 of each 30 men has taken colonoscopies.

  • Uterine cancer is present in 67% of the women.

  • Lack of access to information and education is the most important cause.

What is the recommendation?

  • It is recommended for families to search for advice on the symptoms.

  • It is also recommended to accompany family members on the visit to the doctors.


CTCA became a partner with the National Cancer Institute in Mexico and has reached areas like Guadalajara and Monterrey in the city of Mexico. CTCA has five hospitals  in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tulsa.

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