It is certainly true that the World Cup fever awakens euphoria at a global level.  Most people have a burning desire to obtain the best results in the greatest competition, sport-like speaking, in the whole world.  But it is also true, particularly referring to Brazil, this feeling has resulted in a wave of protests, and we have to say that some of us may feel the same way.  Why?

Because, for example, the Manaos stadium was renovated exclusively for the World Cup. It is currently the headquarters of the tournament, but there are several issues:  It is located in a remote city which is difficult to get to (By the Amazon River), and will only be used for the championship. (Then the capacity will be reduced to use for subsequent events and other football matches). The cost of the Project was USD 270.000.000WC2.

 The teams who will play at the stadium need to be transported by boat along the Amazon River and will only play four tournaments. Mass protests plague the local area proving the validity of our arguments.


Also, many stadiums will be reduced in their capacity and made available for all types of events.  But this is not all, due to the celebration of the world cup, various businesses and commercial centers have been built, including children centers, hotels and more.  What is not known is the use of these centers after the sport event concludes, since Brazil has the logistics and capacity for tourism without further issues.

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