There is a lot of talk, now that we are near the start of the most important tournament in world football history.  The question is… who is worth more and who is worth less.  Who is the best and who is the worst. In the market world of transfers, there are also disputes by players trying to increase their monetary value.  Million dollar clauses, topped by the expectations of the club combined with the entrepreneurial team makes for a tight fit!  Any one of us could outlive 3 generations with these payments but hey… this is football!

Lionel Messi: is from Argentina. He plays in Barcelona and I do not think there are many people in the world who do not know who he is. His worth?  199 to 233 million euros!

Lionel messi.jpg

Cristiano Ronaldo: The last gold ball, considered one of the best in the history of football. Currently the fourth with the most goals from the White house, or Real Madrid CF. The boy’s worth? 106 to 132 million euros.



Luis Suárez: The maximum goal hitter from the English league. The maximum goal hitter from the 2011/12 season of the Holland league (Ajax). With numerous prizes in the locality of England and the world.  He has increased his output almost 100 % in the last season. His worth? Today, it is 97 to 114 million euros.

Luis Suarez.jpg


Eden Hazard: Is from the Golden generation of the Belgian team. He plays in Chelsea in an outstanding season, individually speaking. This last year, his worth increased three fourths from 2 seasons ago. His worth? 76 to 87 million euros.

Eden Hazard.jpg


Neymar: Brazil star so to speak. This boy, who came from Santos, has expanded his technique in regards to speed, feint, vision and attack position. He is skillful with or without a ball. Today, this very young player is worth 62 to 72 million euros.



It is important to note that this article states official estimates according to media reports. However, each second their value increases or decreases accordingly.

Do you think someone else deserves to be on this list?