I think kids enjoy holidays much more than adults! And this is important! Why? If we strive just a little bit to do fun activities, games and surprises to keep the kiddies entertained, we will not only capture their interests but they will be eager to participate. In some small way, these memories will serve as a foundation to keep future traditions!

More than anything, don’t you think it is important to strive to make our kids happy? I think so! This Easter season will give us a good opportunity to do just that. Take advantage of the beautiful weather for lots of fun activities to enjoy. After all, seeing their happy faces also brings us great happiness!

Let’s begin with the Easter egg hunt!

– Get things together ahead of time. Make sure you have lots of eggs, whether plastic, real or chocolate covered. This will give all of the children a chance to participate and find at least one of them. If you have guests, make little baskets for them too.

– If you use plastic eggs, fill them with sweets, small toys, stickers or even “vouchers” for larger prizes like: Teddy bears, chocolate bunnies, etc.

Hiding the eggs

-If it is a nice day out, you can do this event in the yard or garden. If you have children of different age groups, divide the area in two zones. One zone can be simpler for the little ones. And the other zone with a higher degree of difficulty for the older ones.

-Set the rules to avoid injuries or a child getting lost.

-Hiding spots can include: low branches, mailbox, planters, between the leaves and more. There is infinity of choices to choose from! The game ends when the last little egg is found! Avoid hiding places that can be dangerous for little ones or cause injury when they try to get them!

-If the weather is ugly or wet, don’t give up! You can do an excellent egg hunt around the home! Want to know how? Try this: Hide the eggs in the living room with easy access. For example: under the table, in a cabinet, under the couch… This is perfect for smaller children.

-For the bigger children, spread the treats all over the house and try a treasure hunt! Write useful clues, brain teasers or riddles to increase the adventure. Do not make them too complicated. If you do, your entire house may be ripped apart during the game!   This game can be done outdoors as well. Use a map with clues or images for the little ones. This will help them find the hidden eggs.


-Keep some eggs on hand for those little ones that don’t find any!

-Another option: Put together a color codebook based on age group or gender. You may also choose pairs or teams if there are many children.

-Signaling the area is another choice. Use small posters or notes. Even bunny tracks can lead to hidden treats and prizes.

-It is important to have a record of the eggs and where they are hidden. This will avoid finding hidden globs of melted chocolate during Halloween!

Other game choices are bingo, and whoever wins can take the jackpot and the rest of the gamers, small eggs.

You may also choose to play duck-duck-goose! But change it to “rabbit.” Another idea is pinning the tail on the rabbit instead of the donkey!

And finally, let’s give the festivities a Latino touch! Make an Easter piñata! Fill it with plastic eggs with treats inside or you may choose to just fill the piñata with sweat treats instead!

Remember: You can do lots of games so let your imagination soar! On a personal note, if you have lots of invited kids or your own, make the activities a team effort. This is the best way to teach little ones and have lots of fun when you do!

Happy Easter egg hunt!