Yes, summer is almost gone and we know it because this is Labor Day weekend!  Vacations are over, a new school year begins and this weekend is one of the last to enjoy Summer time doing outdoor activities.

There are endless outdoor activities we can do and enjoy. For example, barbecues with friends and neighbours, last minute getaways or yard games with kids and family. So I decided to give you some fantastic ideas to say goodbye to Summer properly!

BBQ with friends:  This is the typical event of Labor Day and it is ideal if you have a big family or if you want to invite many friends and  neighbours.

Traditionally, this is the last get-together before fall.  To lessen the stress, make each guest to bring a dish. Ideally you can create a summerly menu with fresh ingredients like vegetables, grilled corn, brochettes with beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian style, salads, ice cream bars and fruits juices.

For adults, a few good alcoholic drinks with fruits, are a great choice.

Some fun yard games to play with your kids and friends are the classic Twister and Tic-Tac-Toe made of stones!

Weekend getaway:  Always the beach!. You can also camp near a river or lake, which will allow you to enjoy aquatic activities typical of summertime like:  kayaking, rafting or even fishing.  Water is always relaxing and gives us the opportunity to enjoy our time with friends and family.

Couples without children or who leave the kids with grandparents, can also enjoy a romantic getaway.  A nearby destination with a spa, horseback riding, winery or the beach, would be wonderful choices.


Only for adventurers! I really like this idea, fill the back of the van with blankets, pillows and drive to anywhere. I think is a nice complement to the picnic idea!

Picnic in the park: The backyard or parks are excellent choices for picnics. We can enjoy a delicious open air picnic feast with our family or partner, and enjoy activities with the kids and/or friends.  Do not forget the cooler with sandwiches, fresh fruit, salads, cheeses, chips and dips including fresh drinks. For adults a nice white wine is the perfect addition to any event of this kind.


Movie weekend:  This option is a lot of fun and can complement other activities.  You can put together a cinema in your backyard with pillows and blankets and use pallets.  Install a projector screen and enjoy your movie under the stars. Do not forget the refreshments and lots of popcorn!

In all outdoor activities, remember to use sunscreen and something to cover your head like a hat, especially for the kids. You must take a blanket, something that kills bugs like mosquitoes or citronella candles.  And do not forget sunglasses and fresh drinks to keep well hydrated all the time.

I hope you can do some of these activities and enjoy a lot this long weekend.

Happy Labor Day!