Is everything ready for Thanksgiving? There are just a few more days left for Turkey Day! And like all celebrations, this is an excellent excuse to share with loved ones, to eat delicious food, spend a relaxed time and have tons of fun!

For this reason, I started to think about some simple and economical ideas to decorate our homes and delight our guests!  It is also a great way to share fun activities with our children and create bonds of new family traditions.

  • Pennants

Pennants are simple to do, require just a few elements but look beautiful. We can write words like: “Thank you”, “Abundance” or “Happiness” to name a few. If you like to make pennants from the base up, you can purchase autumn colored paper sold in craft stores. Cut them into triangles, or any other shapes you may like. On the web page link pasted below, you can print beautiful pennants in many designs. What’s the best part? They are all free!

Pennants for print

  • Wool turkey

This is a really cute project to do with Kids. The idea is to make a small wool turkey with two balls of wool and some accessories for eyes, mouth, etc. To highlight the idea consider this: The feathers are done in warm toned craft paper with written messages of thanks! You can use a pen for each guest and when they arrive, they can write a positive thought to be read after dinner!

  • Bottle chandeliers

If you have empty bottles without markings you can put together a simple chandelier design. The only decorations needed are leaves, grains and any seeds available.

  • Thanksgiving tree

It is as simple as gathering fallen branches from the forest or a park. Put them in a clean jar or base filled with seeds, rocks and wool balls (like we learned to do last week). It can be whatever you prefer or have close at hand. With autumn toned paper, make leaves following the pattern copied below. The premise remains the same as the wool turkey: Each guest can write a positive mental thought or a reason for their thankful spirit. Hang these mementos on the tree using wool, yarn or ribbon. 

I hope you enjoyed these amazing ideas, which are easy and fun to do! Don’t forget to search for the materials you need at