Would you like to go on vacation but can’t spend too much money? There are several tricks and tips to enjoy a great time at a low budget price. And you can enjoy the pleasures of traveling and relaxing at least for a few days!

One of the options you have and one I tend to do is travel during low season. Of course, this will depend on when you can take your vacation and if you have school age children.

There are lots of possibilities to save during your vacation! The key is to organize and plan ahead of time. Once you plan you can start to research, search for options and compare the pros and cons!

For example, if you are going to travel by plane, book your flight way ahead of time and search on discount websites to find the best offers. Although these sites do charge a service fee, it is worth it! They can make great combinations, which will help you save a lot!

Trips that include connections are cheaper. But they can leave you stuck at an airport for hours! So you will have to decide if the wait is really worth the hassle.

Airlines charge for everything! So take a snack for the trip (especially if you have special food needs or are allergic. There are not a lot of options on the planes.) Try to travel with a carry on that meets the cabin requirements. Tagging it will cost you extra!

Try to fly back to the same airport. Flying in and out of the same airport is almost always cheaper. This applies to flights and even car rentals!

When it comes to accommodations, there are lots of options. Some travelers do not and will not stay in any other place but a hotel! For the rest of us, there is a range of possibilities. If you think a hostel is not the most suitable place to stay with your family, you are not entirely correct! There are some hostels that offer a family room and private bathroom. They are very economical but keep in mind your privacy might be pushed aside!

I prefer houses or apartment hotels. The last option combines the services of a hotel with the comforts of an apartment. But it is much more economical than a hotel. And for a trip that will last a few days at the same place, this is one of the most recommended options. On the other hand, houses and apartments have their advantages!

In recent years there has been an explosion of websites that allow you to rent a full apartment from the comfort of your couch! I tried AirBnB several times with different experiences, and in general, they have been positive. The good thing is if we have any issues, we can use the system to solve the problem.  And it is very economical and much more comfortable than a hotel room.

If you stay in a residential area it is more economical than staying in town. Of course, you will need to commute daily for a few minutes, but you will save a lot of money when you buy food and other items.

Another service I use is Hotel Tonight. Download the application on your telephone and you can book a good category hotel room at the last moment, for a low cost!  Traveling throughout California and stopping each day at different hotels has been very useful. Especially if you don’t know where you will be the next day!

You can also use coupon sites. For example, at Groupon I booked an incredible Ocean view resort on a cliff for the same price as a common hotel room with no view at all!

Some smaller hotel chains are willing to offer free upgrades (or even free nights). If you book a room somewhere else, call and tell them you are considering a hotel change or if you can get an additional night free. You might be surprised at the results!

Booking apartments at the last minute can produce incredible bargains (“Last minute” means generally one month or less before your stay. Book a refundable hotel room that you can use in the future if you do not get the condo offer. Then, one month before the trip, search for a rental condo at the last minute and if you get it, cancel the hotel!

Priceline.com has a great system where you can find nice offers on flights, hotels and car rentals!

Don’t give up looking for bargains! Even if you have your plans set, keep looking for more offers. Bookings can usually be cancelled for a full refund, so if you find a last minute offer that fits in with your plans, take advantage of it!

Happy Vacation!