image00 (1) As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a day when most people end up giving one of a few types of things: flowers, chocolates, cards and letters, and the occasional piece of jewelry. Not everyone has the same tastes and each, depending on your personality and your wallet, has to decide what is best for themselves and their significant other. But many of us feel obligated to include flowers, the most classic symbol of Valentine’s Day. So we give you some tips to help you spend less at the florist and have a little more left in your pocket for your more creative gift ideas.

No need to buy in huge quantity – sometimes it’s quality that counts. A dozen roses is always a romantic gesture, but sometimes opting for a single rose or flower your significant other likes can be just as powerful. Whichever route you decide to take, accompanying your flower(s) with a note is always a good idea.

Giving a potted plant is another great way to save some money. These are often on sale around holidays, when most people are looking for cut flowers and bouquets. Potted plants also offer the added benefit of lasting for weeks instead of days. Colors other than red and white also tend to be much less expensive around the holidays but can be equally elegant gifts. Orange tulips, for instance, are always a classy choice.

A small vase goes a long way toward turning a single flower into a thoughtful gift. Consider buying one rose or orchid, cutting the stem short (~8-12 inches), and presenting it in a small bud vase. Vases can be very cheap, but they prevent your significant other from searching for something to hold your gift. You can place your gift right on the table with a ribbon around the base and show it off as a neat package.

Talking to the florist at your local flower shop is also a great way to find a gift that fits your needs. Most florists love flowers and will be happy to help you put together a bouquet based on your budget and whatever preferences you do have (flower type, color, size, etc.). Don’t be afraid to ask them for help and advice.

Remember: whether you’re buying one blossom or 100, accompany your gift with a personal note, a simple red or white ribbon, and a kiss upon delivery. Long live love!

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