Our CV is our letter of presentation to any job search. In a nutshell, it is the only tool to defend yourself and show your skills to ensure the work you’ve always desired.

Many employers don’t have time to thoroughly review your resume, they choose to refer only to certain points and the way you write as well.

Now let’s see how you fight against your weak points in your CV:

  • If you have long periods without work: It is recommended even if it was an old work but has more ” weight ” in your CV, you place it before several periods of work in a short time.

  • If you have short periods of work on your CV is a good opportunity to provide information simply by giving a reason why you stopped.

  • If you have frequent job changes, don’t type dates or month, just the year, again highlighting the job that contributed more to your profession.

  • Do not give details of money, labor hours only report the experience gained.

Now let’s see you defend against your weaknesses in an interview, when face to face embarrasses us a little more :

Many will think about not telling their ‘weaknesses’ just for fear, BIG MISTAKE, a person has to recognize their mistakes and find a solution, that’s the attitude we are talking about. As an advice prepare more strong points than weaknesses but think before about the  answers  and have a solution for them.

For example :

‘I assume I’m impatient in many aspects of everyday life. But I realized that if I am consistent and I spend more relaxed time I achieve better results’.