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Before going deep into the subject, you should know that there are 3 options for this tax season. We will name them and describe them briefly so you understand perfectly what would be the best for you.

It is also important to know which one of the options is best for you, it is not always necessary to pay a large amount of money in tax preparation. These options are only given so you know and understand all the available options.

3 options to hire a tax preparer:

  • Retail Tax Preparer : For example H&R Block is the retailer ‘s largest tax preparer, it is estimated that prepares 18 % of all tax returns received in preparation chains. In the United States are characterized by providing personalized and prompt service.
  • Certified Public Accountants: This is the option that generates more confidence due to the time and manner in which these professionals are prepared to fulfill their role in this field. Simply because they spend from 4-6 years in college and have a very thorough and extensive accounting exam. Their knowledge of the tax from retail stores are truly an excellent choice. You will not regret hiring a tax preparer who is a CPA and this certificate as they are consistent in what they say and do.
  • Enrolled Agents (EA): Arguably the best choice to hire a good preparation for tax service  is an enrolled agent . They are skilled professionals in the field of taxes. They are federally licensed and trained exclusively for distribution. Truly having a registered agent can give you a lot of confidence that you are under a great service.

Now you know the 3 options you have to hire a tax professional and have good service. Let us know if you found this useful!