Colorful and entertaining, children and grownups used it to play in celebrations or festivities. The piñatas are a tradition to Mexico. They are filled with whatever you like, confetti, sweets, chocolates or surprises. If you’re looking for ideas, we invite you to read this article.

Materials to be used:

• Journal.
• Vinyl Cola.
• Brush.
• Globe.
• Cellophane.
• Crepe paper.
• Scissors.
• Glue.
• Tape
• Rope

Development of the piñata :

1° Step: Blow up the balloon.

2° Step:  Place the pieces of newspaper sandwiched with glue all over the balloon , leaving the top without paper. Let it dry in the sun a few minutes.

3° Step:  Once dry , the balloon bursts.

4° Step:  Make two holes on both sides of the field , and cross one with the thread around the globe with the same thread past the next hole . Tie a knot on the end and one in the hole uncovered.

5° Step:  Repeat step # 2 to prevent the thread from moving. This will serve to  future guide to place cones.

Development of cones :

1° Step:  Fold in half a gray cardboard.

2° Step: Cut in half again the gray rectangle of cardboard and mark the middle, then join the two parts forming a cone .

3° Step:  Cover the cone with newspaper and glue . So the remaining 3 cones or as many you  want to do. And cut off the tip of paper remaining in the ending so that it is flush on the base.

4° Step:  Make irregular cuts in the base of the cone . And bend outward.

Final Development of the Piñata:

1° Step:  Place newspaper and glue , placing cones around the entire piñata.


2° Step:  Place confetti throughout the piñata.

3° Step:  Cut the crepe paper into rectangles of various colors.

4° Step:  Cut the strips with small cuts on the edges.

5° Step:  Place the papers colors interspersed around the cones. Cut off the tips of the cones.

Step 6°:  Cover the remainder of the piñata with strips of colored paper, also on the tips of the cones.

It’s Done! now you have a piñata of 5 peaks! You see how easy it is?