como elegir tu abogado

A good lawyer can save our lives! They can organize our case and pursue it in the justice system when we have a serious problem. This is why choosing a lawyer is not easy. For this reason, we bring you 10 tips to choose the best counsel available and the keys on why this search is so important.

  • Talk to people outside your inner circle: What does this mean? We should listen to experiences from people close to us like a friend or a friend of a friend. Why? This will open our eyes to future problems if we face a similar situation.
  • Free Public Defense: The United States is a country that offers telephone lines and physical locations to ask for help. It is an easy first step and a practical way to find out what the situation is all about.

como elegir un abogado

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer? 

  • Communicate with the bar association in your city: They will be able to guide you in the best possible way to help with your case and specific needs.
  • Find a lawyer with experience: No one wants their case handled by an untrained individual with no concrete information about our case. So we need to find a lawyer with verifiable experience.
  • Insist on verifiable references: This is the best way to guarantee and prove your future lawyer will be useful for the services required.
  • Forge a strong bond with your lawyer:  It is not only about the fees, or the steps you will take. It is about the first impression. It has to be good and you need to feel comfortable with the professional you are dealing with. This will allow you to face the situation confident in your legal counsel’s advice and proposition.
  • Do not choose a lawyer far away from your city: This is a negative point to collect the documentation and paperwork needed. Email communication will limit these steps even further.

como elegir tu abogado 3

  • Request a quote from more than one lawyer: This will help you to know the fees and extras that apply. Then you can choose a price that respects your budget.
  • Impose your personality: Do not show any weakness before the case! And whatever you do, do not show your ignorance of the process involved. Show confidence and security all the way.
  • Tailor your lawyer to fit your needs: Taking into account the previous tips, weigh your needs against what the lawyers offer.

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Remember: It is not always the best lawyer that will solve your case. Analyze the situation, take your time and find the solution to your problems. Choose a trustworthy lawyer and then you will make the best decision possible!